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The conscious leadership workshop


Conscious Leadership

Are you leading your Life?

...or is Life leading you?

Consciousness and Leadership are the two buzzwords of this decade.

What do they really mean though? How can we live our normal, busy, complicated lives and still be conscious and still be a leader?

  • Does leadership end when you walk out of your office?

  • Does consciousness only happen in yoga class?

  • Does consciousness only begin when your leadership for the day ends?

  • How can you be a conscious leader if you are a stay at home parent?

  • How can you be conscious and manage your new business?

  • How can you be a conscious leader in your relationship?

The truth is, neither of these can exist without the other. Neither of them applies without the other.


Are you leading life? ... Or is life leading you?

The Workshop

Think better. Lead better. 

This workshop is specially designed to help those Conscious and Leaders among us, to integrate these two essential factors into our every day lives.

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Think better.

Lead better.

It is a program built on the facilitation of personalised self-reflection, breaking down of current behavioural and thinking processes and the application of simple yet effective tools to transform you.

This inlcudes:

  1. 3hrs Consciousness Facilitation: Asking meaningful questions you didn’t dare to ask yourself.

  2. Responsibility for Change: Is always yours! But we are committed to make it easy for you.

  3. 1:1 Interview pre-workshop: We will make sure the workshop is tailored to your needs.

  4. 1:1 Coaching post-workshop: To help you to get the most out of your insights.

  5. Small Groups Only: To ensure meaningful discussions, insights & connections (max. 12 participants)


This is for You

To become the Conscious Leader of your life!

This is for you if you want to...

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Be the Conscious Leader of your Life!

  • Be more decisive

  • Transform our relationships

  • Achieve your goals with clarity

  • Experience self-confidence

  • Feel successful and happy

  • Be a role model in our professions and families

You will walk away with...

  • Personalised Insights: Heaps of insights about yourself & a practical action plan

  • Re-Ignited fire for Leadership: Deep understanding about how to be a better leader

  • Be inspired for Change: Simple processes and tools, that ‘stick’



Don't take our word for it. 

What conscious leaders say

‘A big thank you for providing us with an engaging reflective, detailed and insightful learning session. I think I speak for all attendees when I say it was equal parts confronting and inspiring. The gift of knowledge is a treasure; and the highest treasure is self-knowledge.  Thank you!’
— Steven M. – Business Owner
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This program is a SIGNATURE workshop of GAIA Coaching, a BOUTIQUE Executive Coaching company dedicated to helping individuals to grow awareness so that they can become the conscious leader of their life with confidence.

Susanne Rauer

Susanne, our Executive Master Coach, is one of the rare people who is inspired to go above and beyond. She is a conscious and multiple award-winning natural leader in her field.

Her 20+ years of experience range from providing consulting, training, mentorship, coaching and leadership to individuals and teams, as well as senior management of medium size to large corporations. As an experienced and passionate public speaker, Susanne has developed and delivered many training courses and presented at various conferences like the ‘Gartner CIO Summit’. She uses her passion to inspire people to think and work differently. She advocates the combination of operational, short-term and strategic, long-term benefits.

Susanne is passionate about people and has the gift to create a safe environment where her clients can be themselves and explore unconventional ways forward to exceed expectations and see the results they want to see in their life faster. Susanne believes that all answers and our true potential lies within. READ MORE

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